Top Sharm El Sheikh Tours & Excursions 2023

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Sharm El Sheikh tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the stunning beauty of this coastal town. Whether you are interested in underwater adventures or desert explorations, plenty of options exist. For thrill-seekers, a day tour that includes a snorkeling or diving excursion to explore the colorful coral reefs and marine life of the Red Sea is a must. Alternatively, a day tour that takes you on a desert safari adventure, riding a quad bike or a camel through the rugged terrain of Sinai, is an unforgettable experience. For those interested in history and culture, there are day tours that take you to ancient sites, such as the well-preserved St. Catherine’s Monastery, dating back to the 6th century AD. Sharm El Sheikh tours from Egypt day tours provide a unique opportunity to explore the diversity and beauty of this stunning destination. They are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Day Tour To Luxor From Sharm By plane

Get up and personal with Egypt's most famous landmarks on a full-day tour from Sharm El Sheikh to Luxor. Ascend the decaying cemetery of the City of the Dead, then stroll through the Valley of the Kings, where you can see the frescoed tomb of Ramses VI, the Colossus of Memnon, and the dazzling arcades of the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Snorkeling Tour at Tiran Island From Sharm

Sharm-el- Sheikh's popular trip! Tiran Island's coral reefs and flora are well-known, so take a relaxing boat ride there. Make two or three pauses to snorkel. All meals and beverages are included in the price of admission, and an additional fee is charged for using different equipment. All kinds of marine life will be displayed, from well-known species to others that are seldom seen.

Quad Biking Safari Tour In Sinai Desert

From your accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh, we'll take you on a crazy four-wheeled ride. On our quads, we'll ride about in the desert, taking in the amazing sights and sounds of Bedouin culture. During sunset, we'll visit their hamlet and drink a cup of traditional Egyptian tea. The excursion may be taken at dawn or sunset, depending on availability.

Dahab Safari & Snorkeling At Blue Hole From Sharm

Dahab's Blue Hole, a naturally occurring underwater sinkhole just off the Red Sea shoreline, is the town's most well-known feature, however, getting there requires a guided tour of the region. Then spend the day snorkelling in the Red Sea's crystal-clear waters after arriving by time-saving vehicle or traditional Arabian camel.

Bedouin Safari And Star Gazing Tour at Sharm El Sheikh

Bedouin guides will accompany you on a camel ride around Sharm El Sheikh to a Bedouin dinner. Stop for a Bedouin picnic and tea in the desert before returning to Sharm El-Shiekh to see the spectacular desert sky.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Sharm El Sheikh

The glass-bottom boat ride departing from Sharm el Sheikh is an exciting marine excursion that lasts for one hour and allows passengers to see the renowned coral reefs and vibrant fish. Ideal for households that include young children.

Alf Leila We Leila Show in Sharm El Sheikh

Come experience the Fantasia Show at 1001 Nights, also known as Alf Leila We Leila in Sharm El Sheikh. As you stroll through the Thousand and One Nights' brilliant arabesque domed ceilings and beautiful water elements, you'll feel transported to a fairy tale. 1001 Nights Show includes an Arabian horse dance, belly dance, snake charmer, and Egyptian Tanoura dance. It's a family-friendly night.

Petra Day Tour from Sharm El Sheikh by Cruise

You can drive from Sharm to Taba and take a ferry over the Gulf of Aqaba to Jordan, where we will take you to the stunning rocky city of Petra. From Jordan, we will take you back to Sharm El Sheikh. Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is yours to explore.

Full Day Tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh By Air

Travel from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo to see the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only pyramid of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World still standing today. After that, head to the museum to see what King Tutankhamun left behind. Then finish your trip in Islamic Cairo and the famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar.
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Snorkeling Tour to Ras Mohamed at Sharm El Sheikh

In a private, air-conditioned car, embark on a trip you will never forget to Saint Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai, two of the holiest places in the world. Explore the beautiful desert of Egypt and watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain.

Mount Sinai & St. Catherine Monastery Day Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey to one of the world's holiest sites, the Monastery of St. Catherine, and Mount Sinai in a private air-conditioned car. Discover Egypt's awe-inspiring desert landscape and watch the sunrise from the mountaintop.

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Discover the Unique Charms of Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a unique destination that has something for everyone. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker, a culture enthusiast, or just want to relax and unwind, Sharm El Sheikh has it all. With its stunning coral reefs, beautiful mountains, rich cultural heritage, lively nightlife, luxurious resorts, and easy accessibility, it is no wonder that Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt.

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Diving into the Depths: Exploring Sharm El Sheikh's Coral Reefs

One of the most unique features of Sharm El Sheikh is its stunning coral reefs. The city is located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula and is surrounded by the Red Sea, which is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse marine life in the world. The coral reefs here are some of the best in the world and offer a unique opportunity for travelers to explore the underwater world. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, there are plenty of diving and snorkeling opportunities available in Sharm El Sheikh.

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Scaling New Heights: The Majestic Mountains of Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is not just about beaches and coral reefs. The city is also surrounded by mountains, which offer a unique opportunity for travelers to explore the natural beauty of the region. The mountains here are home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Egypt and are perfect for hiking and trekking. The rugged terrain and scenic views make it a popular destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers.

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A Journey through Time: Immersing in Sharm El Sheikh's Cultural Attractions

Sharm El Sheikh is not just a place for sun, sea, and sand. The city also has a rich cultural history and is home to several cultural attractions. The Old Town of Sharm El Sheikh is a must-visit destination for travelers who want to experience the traditional way of life in Egypt. Here, you will find narrow streets, traditional markets, and local restaurants serving authentic Egyptian cuisine.

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When the Sun Goes Down: Experiencing the Nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is also famous for its nightlife. The city has a vibrant party scene with numerous bars, nightclubs, and beach parties. The nightlife here is lively and energetic, and it is the perfect way to end a day of exploring the city.

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Indulging in Paradise: Luxurious Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in Egypt. The resorts here offer a unique experience for travelers, with their stunning architecture, luxurious amenities, and beautiful surroundings. The resorts are perfect for those who want to relax and unwind in style.

Most Related FAQs to Sharm El Sheikh Tours

Is travel to Egypt safe?

There is no warning from the British Foreign Office not to go to Cairo, Alexandria, the tourist areas along the Nile, Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada on the Red Sea. People also believe that the part between the Nile and the Red Sea is mostly safe.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Egypt?

Most travelers, including people with US and UK passports, need an Egypt visa. Americans and people from 40 other countries can obtain a visa to enter Egypt at Cairo International Airport at bank kiosks before immigration offices for $25 USD. These visas are valid for up to 30 days and can be used by people from the United States and 40 other countries.

What is the best time to take a Sharm el Sheikh tour?

The best time to take a Sharm el Sheikh tour is between October and April when the weather is mild and comfortable. During these months, the temperature averages around 25-30°C, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. It is also the peak tourist season so you can expect more crowds and higher prices.

What types of tours are available in Sharm el Sheikh?

There are various types of tours available in Sharm el Sheikh, including snorkeling and diving tours, desert safaris, cultural tours, historical tours, and adventure tours. You can also customize your tour itinerary based on your interests and preferences.

What are the best Sharm el Sheikh tours to take?

The best Sharm el Sheikh tours depend on your interests and preferences. Some popular tours include snorkeling and diving trips to the coral reefs, desert safaris, camel rides, and cultural tours of the city and its historical sites. You can also customize your tour itinerary based on your interests.

How long does a typical Sharm el Sheikh tour last?

A typical Sharm el Sheikh tour duration depends on the specific tour package or itinerary. It can range from a few hours to a full day or even longer if you take a multi-day tour. It is best to check the tour details and itinerary before booking to ensure it fits your schedule and preferences.

How much does a Sharm el Sheikh tour cost?

The cost of a Sharm el Sheikh tour varies depending on the type of tour, duration, and inclusions. Generally, a half-day tour costs around $30, while a full-day tour costs between $50 and $400 or more. Multi-day tours are more expensive, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the itinerary and level of luxury.

Is it safe to take a tour in Sharm el Sheikh?

Yes, it is generally safe to take a tour in Sharm el Sheikh. The city has a strong tourist industry, and tour operators take safety and security seriously. However, it is still important to take precautions and follow the guidance of your tour guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.